Acadeum Course Share (ACS) includes four possible Contacts at an institution. The contacts are the Primary Institutional Contact (PIC), Primary Finance Contact (PFC), Enrolling Student Contact (ESC), and Teaching Student Contact (TSC). Further information about the responsibilities of each contact can be found under the article How to change a school Contact.

Only one email address and one phone number may be provided per Contact. For this reason, Contacts are usually assigned from the institution's team of individual users. However, the ESC and TSC roles can also be assigned to a group email in order to reach multiple admins. Institutions retain responsibility for maintaining and updating both individual and group contacts should any changes occur.

To create a Group User, institutions must request the creation of a distribution list from their institution's Information Technology (IT) department. Acadeum is unable to create or maintain distribution lists. Once a distribution list is created and users are assigned to it by the institution's IT team, here are steps to adding the group account to ACS:

Log into Acadeum Course Share (ACS) administrator app.

In the lefthand navigation, click Settings to go to your institution's Team page.

On the Top Right of the Team page, click Add a User.

Under the Create a New User heading, check the box for Group or office account.

New fields will appear.

Provide information for the Title, Email, and Phone fields, and select a User Role. A View Only role is advised as individual account holders who need to perform functions will have their own accounts. This group account is created simply to ensure communications flow to the appropriate personnel/departments within the organization.

Click Submit to finalize.

Note that every member of the Group User will receive every notification assigned to that Contact. Here is an article outlining which contacts receive which notifications: Understanding Enrollment Notification Distribution.

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