CC’s network of academic sharing keys off the final day of the Teaching Institution’s drop period. On this date, funds are transferred from the Home Institution’s account to the Teaching Institution’s account for the enrollment it has booked.

Though it varies by institution, this date is approximately five days into a shortened 8-week term or 14 calendar days into a 15-week term. This date may come even sooner for terms shorter than 8 weeks, and in some cases may be the day after a term starts (e.g., in a 4 or 5-week term). Students are informed of the Teaching Institution’s final drop date and its importance in the Teaching Institution Welcome Letter that they are sent upon enrollment.

How a student drops a course

The welcome letter informs students to contact their advisor or registrar at their Home Institution to drop a CC course.

When a student drops a course before the Teaching Institution’s final drop date

In this case, the enrollment will be dropped and no funds will be transferred from the Home Institution to the Teaching Institution.

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