Teaching Institutions must complete a one-hour review with College Consortium’s Chief Academic Officer in advance of loading their courses onto the CC platform.The purpose of this review is to ensure that basic elements of online courses are in place.The review also makes it possible for CC to represent Teaching Institution’s online learning models to Home Institutions looking for course providers for their students.

In reviewing online course providers, CC has developed criteria in four principal areas:

  1. Curriculum/instructional design
  2. Faculty support and development
  3. Student support
  4. Student complaint process

In cooperation with , CC established this list on the basis of a review of the leading approaches to quality online learning, including:

  1. Quality Matters’ course-based and program-based approaches
  2. Learner-centric approach that capitalizes on emerging curriculum, like competency- based
  3. Educational technology developments, like adaptive learning
  4. Practices of leading online program institutions
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