Teaching Institutions must complete a one-hour orientation with Acadeum's VP of Operations and Student Support in advance of loading their courses onto the Acadeum platform. 

One of the main purposes of this review is to ensure that Teaching Institutions are able to support the Home institution’s responsibility for demonstrating quality assurance over the courses that it uses as well as the Home Institution students as they start courses at the Teaching Institution. 

In reviewing online course providers, CC has developed criteria in four principal areas:

  1. Supporting Home Institution Quality Assurance over the courses it uses

  2. Student Support

  3. Curriculum/instructional design

  4. Faculty development and support

Acadeum established these criteria on the basis of reviewing leading approaches to quality online learning and course sharing, including:

  • Practices in appropriate student onboarding by leading online program institutions 

  • Quality Matters’ course-based and program-based approaches

  • Regulatory requirements for course sharing

To prepare for the review, please consider the following questions:

  1. What is your process for creating login credentials for non-degree seeking students? 

  2. How will student login and attendance be monitored and reported to Acadeum prior to the drop date?

  3. Are you able to easily access syllabi to upload updated syllabi to the Acadeum platform?

  4. Are you able to gather basic faculty credentials (degree, degree area) and upload them to the Acadeum platform?

  5. Do you have access to any course-level assessment data? How might you help Home Institution’s demonstrate their review of the quality of your courses?

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