• Instructional design support
  • Integrated assessment of student learning
  • Faculty-centered curriculum development
  • Accessible, high quality learning materials and library resources
  • Learner-centric systematic use of data

CC examines the extent of instructional design support at candidate universities, their integration of their assessment of student learning, and their use of qualified faculty as subject matter experts in designing curriculum. Key questions include:

  • What instructional design resources does a candidate university have to support curriculum development? Does an institution have instructional designers on staff?
  • What sort of resources are devoted to ensure the alignment of all curriculum elements (e.g., learning materials, assignments, etc.) with identified learning outcomes and to assess those outcomes at both the course and program levels?
  • What are the institution’s policies around supporting qualified faculty as subject matter experts in the development of curriculum?
  • Are learning materials and library resources readily accessible and high quality?

At a more advanced level, CC examines whether an institution has begun to move to a true learner-centric model of curriculum development in using instructional and assignment data to dynamically assess and improve all elements of the curriculum based on student performance.

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