• Hiring process ensures appropriate-credentialed faculty
  • Faculty evaluation process, student support and instructional rigor
  • On-going faculty development and support regime
  • Learner-centric use of data to systematically improve pedagogy

CC examines the hiring, evaluation and development practices for faculty at candidate universities. Key questions include:

  • Are there adequate safeguards in place to ensure that only appropriately credentialed faculty are hired?
  • Are faculty evaluated with a mix of factors that ensure optimal student support and instructional rigor?
  • What resources are devoted to faculty development and support as online instructors? Is there an adequate on-boarding and orientation process in place? Are there adequate resources in place for on-going faculty development such as coaching support and faculty forums and workshops?

At a more advanced level, CC examines whether an institution has begun to move to a true learner-centric model of curriculum development in using instructional and assessment data in a systematic way to improve pedagogy.

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