Acadeum's Academic Sharing Platform ("ASP") and supporting technologies are built on the Amazon Web Services secure cloud platform. This includes our database storage and content delivery. Leveraging AWS’ breadth of products and services allows us to offer optimal scalability and performance to institutions using the ASP for inter-college enrollments. AWS offers solutions compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), to assure that the ASP meets all security and privacy needs for our higher education institutions. To this end, AWS has released an AWS FERPA Whitepaper (please see page 13 for features of a FERPA-compliant environment on AWS). Also, please see here for a full list of AWS Compliance listings.

Additionally, we use Auth0 for user authentication and app authorization. This allows us to securely manage multiple user accounts for our various institution’s employees and students. Auth0 offers a variety of features including breached password detection, and multi-factor authentication. Please see here for more on Auth0 security and privacy protection.

Lastly, we use third-party software from Stripe, one of the largest and most secure payment processors, to power inter-college payments within the ASP. Please see here for a full description of Stripe’s security features

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