While much of the data needed to create and manage an institution’s Academic Sharing Platform ("ASP") account is easily handled through email and chat support, certain information requires additional security measures for safe transfer. The information used to establish a school’s institutional profile on the ASP is an example of the former; while student information needed for enrollments falls into the latter. The ASP does not require any direct integration with a school’s SIS. Institutions using the ASP to enroll their students into the online courses listed by Teaching Institutions must provide the requisite student information for those Teaching Institutions to add the students to their SIS/LMS as transient students. This information includes student name, email, Home Institution ID, sex, residency, US citizenship, and address, among others. Students provide their information directly when creating an account in the Home Institution's student portal, as well as provide express consent to the usage of this data for cross-institutional enrollment purposes. Institutions can also manually add students directly in their account on the ASP, or can have the Acadeum support batch-upload as many students as they’d like to their account for easy enrollment.

We always recommend students input their information directly, this is one of the added benefits of the student registration portal; however, for ease of transfer of sensitive data, we provide institutions with a private link to a Dropbox Business folder. This offers ease of transfer along with best-in-class security measures including SSL/TLS encryption, 256-bit AES encryption, and two-step verification. Dropbox Business meets all compliance requirements with the vendor obligations imposed by FERPA. Please see here for a full list of security features for Dropbox Business, and here for a security comparison between FTP and Dropbox Business. Once uploaded to their private Dropbox Business folder, all student information is securely uploaded to their ASP account in our AWS environment

Before gaining access to the ASP, all institutions review and sign the CC Policies & Procedures, including “Section IX. FERPA,” outlining institution and CC duties which may pertain to the FERPA requirements. 

Should you have any additional questions or comments, please contact support@acadeum.com.

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