Home Institution Billing

Home Institutions bill their students for both consortial and transfer courses offered on the CC Sharing Platform. For transfer courses, Home Institutions may need to establish a new billing code to use to bill students since the bill will not be tied to a course taken at the Home Institution. Alternatively, Home Institutions may decide to use a placeholder course to tie the billing to a “course” within their billing system. Teaching Institutions may also need a new billing code for revenue they receive from Home Institutions.

Teaching Institution Billing

Teaching Institutions set prices for their courses, which Home Institutions pay through the CC payment processor. Teaching Institutions do not bill Home Institution students for their courses.


College Consortium’s payment system does not process full or partial refunds from Teaching Institutions to Home Institutions after funds have been transferred on the final date of the Teaching Institution’s drop/add period.Home Institutions may still choose to refund all or a portion of the funds they charged students for the course, and they may choose to follow their own graduated refund policies, if they apply. However, regardless of the Home Institution's refund to the student, funds for the course are still due to the Teaching Institution.

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