This strategy makes available to students over a Summer or Winter Term the courses which have the highest rates of the letter grades of D’s and F’s and/or Withdrawals by repeating the course in which they received the D, F, or W under a consortium arrangement, students are able to replace the poor grade or the W with a better grade and thereby improve their GPAs.


  • Identify courses on campus with high rates of D’s, F’s and W’s

  • Select consortium course options corresponding to the high D/F/W courses

  • Identify students at risk of losing good standing

  • Give students course options to remain in or re-acquire good standing

  • When putting students on probation or dismissing them at the end of a semester, give them options in the subsequent Summer or Winter Term to get off probation and to return to campus

  • Give students in good standings options to catch up or accelerate to completion

  • Inform students about the course options during the March or October advising periods

  • Enroll students in the consortium courses

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