A. Denial

To: Student Subject: Online Course Sharing Consortium - Enrollment Request Pending

Dear [insert student’s name],

The Registrar’s Office received the email referenced below from the Acadeum regarding your request to enroll in [insert COURSE TITLE] during the [insert fall, winter, spring, summer] term. I have reviewed your degree audit, and it appears that the course you have chosen will not meet any specific degree requirements for your academic program. Is there a particular reason you have requested to take this specific course? Please respond and specify the reason.

There may be other courses available through the Acadeum, which can better meet your needs, and I would be happy to help you look for an alternative if you are interested.



B. Approval

From: Registrar To: Student Subject:  Online Course Sharing Consortium - COURSE APPROVED - NAME (ID)

Dear [insert student’s name],

Your request to take [insert COURSE TITLE] from [insert SCHOOL NAME] through the Acadeum during the [insert fall, winter, spring, summer] term has been approved, and the coursework has been added to your transcript/degree audit showing as “in process” for the approved term. Upon successful completion of the course, your grade will be sent to [insert SCHOOL NAME] to meet your degree requirement for [insert COURSE TITLE equivalency]. 

While this is a consortial course offered by a different university, this course will appear on your [insert SCHOOL NAME] student bill, and the tuition for the course will be paid by the same payment methods as your [insert SCHOOL NAME] tuition and fees. Please contact the Business Office as soon as possible to discuss payment methods.

Your request to take the Acadeum course and this approval letter from the Registrar is confirmation of your course registration. If you choose not to take the Acadeum course, please contact me immediately. Otherwise, you will be obligated to remain registered for the course and payment will be required. Also, please be aware that you will be held to the transfer school’s add/drop policies.

Thank you.


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