Administrators and Teaching Administrators are able to directly edit and update various course information for their teaching courses directly on Acadeum’s Academic Sharing Platform (ASP).

Remove Course Sections: Users can remove a course sections by clicking on the "Remove Course Section" button on the course tiles:

Edit Course Information: Users can edit various course information by clicking on the “Pencil” icons: 

Update Course Syllabi: Institutions can update syllabi directly on the platform and have the option of either uploading a new PDF document or entering a new live, public URL. Users should click on the “Pencil” icon with the text “Edit Syllabus” to update syllabi: 

Add, Edit, and Remove Faculty Credentials and Learning Assessments: ASP users can add and manage Faculty Credentials directly on the platform for existing courses. Faculty credentials and learning assessments should be added as PDF documents. Users can click the “Pencil”, “X”, or “Add” buttons to manage this course information:  

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