Instructions for uploading courses to Acadeum Course Share

Required data

- Syllabi for all courses

- Complete and accurate Course Upload Form


2 options

- PDF with the Course ID as the title (ex. ACCT101.pdf) -TIs can include more information but the file name must begin with the Course ID - Best practice is to have the file name exactly mirror the Course ID field

- Live, public URL leading directly to the course syllabus (some schools

have attempted to provide a link to a syllabi bank, which does not satisfy

the requirement)

- Missing syllabi are the biggest reason that courses are delayed in being loaded

or are not loaded at all

- Acadeum can set up a dropbox for schools to provide syllabi

Course Upload Form

Required fields are indicated in Yellow and must be completed

Fields to pay special attention to:

- Course ID: this is how approvals are managed, so it is very important that

this field is consistent from term to term - Should not include section data (ex. ACCT 101 - correct; ACCT 101-001 - incorrect)

- Course Title: Should be the full course name with no abbreviations and in

appropriate title case (e.g. Philosophy of Ancient Greeks)

- Prerequisites: should contain both Course ID and Course Title for all

prerequisite courses

- Drop Date must be equal to or after the Start Date

- Add Date is the last day an institution/student can submit a registration or

enrollment request (also the last day a course is visible on the platform)

- A course section only needs to be listed once if all of the dates are the same

Strictly confidential

Upload Timing/Other Information

Courses can be loaded in this manner

- Fall of next year - loaded beginning in December of this year

- Spring of next year - loaded beginning in May of this year

- Summer of next year - loaded beginning August of this year

- Acadeum advises 10 business days from receipt of all required information for

courses to be loaded (if we are getting the courses 6, 9, or 12 months in advance

as recommended this is not an issue. Courses starting within two months often

causes anxiety for schools waiting for courses to be loaded.)

- If the start date is within 2 months, Acadeum would advise the TI to focus

on the next set of start dates (and beyond)

Send all completed documents and questions to:

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