Logging In

Logging into the Acadeum Course Share student application can be performed by clicking the Login (https://acadeum.com/#) button on the top right corner of the homepage or by clicking the banner Student Login link.

Clicking the login button located on the top right corner will bring up a prompt where the administrator’s application to Acadeum Course Share Access the Academic Sharing Platform is accessed. Students are also able to Sign up, SIGNUP or LOGIN.

Clicking the Student Login banner in the center of the home page brings up the access page to the student application of Acadeum Course Share. Here students are able to sign up, log in, and if their institution has implemented Single Service Login, directly access the student application using their home school’s login and password.

Student Sign Up

Clicking Sign Up will bring up the initial prompt to create a student account. A student will first search for their school by typing the name of the institution into the School/Organization field and then selecting from the scroll menu. Once the school has been identified, the student will enter the first name, last name, and then select the home school’s email domain from the drop-down menu School Email Domain. The student will put then complete the login creation by submitting the portion of their email address that proceeds the @ symbol (e.g. johnny.graduate proceeds @ in the email johnny.graduate@wtamu.edu). The student will then create a password, enter a phone number, complete the acknowledgments and hit submit.

Logging into Acadeum Course Share is done by entering the email address and password created at sign up. A person who has forgotten their password can click Don't remember your password? and get a link to change their password.

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