Once logged in students will see the list of courses that are preapproved to transfer back to the student's home institution. The list can be searched by typing the title or subject of a needed course in the search bar, or by directly scrolling through the list of approved courses.

The list of courses can be narrowed down by engaging the filters on the left side. The list can be filtered by subject category, term, course level, or another number of available combinations of options.

If the needed course is not available, a student can always click the Past Sections filter to see if the course has ever been available and to also complete a course request located at the bottom of the courses page.

Course Registration

Students request a course by clicking on the course title to find out more information about the course or by clicking the Register button.

Clicking the course title will bring up the course information page. Here a student can see relevant course information such as the description, syllabus, text material, prerequisites, and how the student’s home institution will count the credits for the course.

On the course registration request page, a student will choose the substitute equivalency by selecting from the list of options, enter a note on the reason they wish to take the course, and click submit.

The student will receive enrollment notifications at the email address used to sign up. The first notification occurs when their school has approved or denied the course registration request. Approval of the request submits an enrollment request to the teaching institution. The second email a student receives is the notification that comes when the teaching institution accepts or denies the enrollment request.

Students will receive personalized outreach from a member of the Acadeum Support Team on the day classes begin to ensure the student has everything they need to be able to successfully start school at the teaching institution. This outreach is in addition to automated communications related to enrollment in courses.

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