All courses are Acadeum Course Share student application are preapproved by the student's home institution to transfer back. There are two types of courses available to students. Those courses are called consortial and transfer courses.

Consortial Course

A consortial course is identified by the word Consortial in the top right of the course page, above the course description.

A consortial course is one where the grade will be automatically sent to the student's home institution once the course is completed. No transcript request is required.

The course grade may or may not be able to be counted at the home institution. The student should speak with their registrar for further information on whether or not the grade will count towards graduation.

Transfer Course

A transfer course is identified when the word Consortial is not clearly visible on the top right of the course information page.

A student taking a transfer course will receive a notification email to submit a transcript request when the course is successfully completed. The link to request the transcript will be included in the email.

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