Once a course registration request is submitted, the student will receive enrollment notifications at the email address used to sign up. The first notification occurs when their school has approved or denied the course registration request. Approval of the request submits an enrollment request to the teaching institution. The second email a student receives is the notification that comes when the teaching institution accepts or denies the enrollment request. If the student's enrollment is accepted by the teaching institution, the student's notification is a welcome email. In this email is information related to how and when login credentials are sent, how the learning management system is activated, who the appropriate contacts are at both the home and teaching institutions, as well as other information pertinent to starting class.

Students will also receive personalized outreach from a member of the Acadeum Support Team on the day classes begin to ensure the student has everything they need to be able to successfully start school at the teaching institution. This outreach is in addition to automated communications related to enrollment in courses.

Students will take courses from another institution, possibly through a different learning management system. The student will receive login credentials directly from the teaching institution. Students may need to search their SPAM folders as far back as the day they requested the course to find the credentials. At minimum, login credentials are sent two days before classes begin but can be sent within hours of the initial request.

The schedule for the teaching institution's course may be on a different schedule than the student's home institution. The syllabus should be referenced to ensure the student understands the participation, academic, and policy requirements of the course. An unofficial copy of the syllabus is emailed to the student three days prior to the course beginning. The final syllabus is found within the course shell in the learning management system and should be referenced on the fist day of class to gain an understanding of the attendance requirements for the class.

A student with a question can always email support@acadeum.com for assistance.

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