There are four contacts at an institution. The contacts are the Primary Institutional Contact (PIC), Primary Finance Contact (PFC), Enrolling Student Contact (ESC), and Teaching Student Contact (TSC). The PIC is the person who is contacted for larger discussions, typically around the client account in general. The PFC is the point person for discussions related to regular financial transactions. The ESC is the person contacted at a Home Institution (HI) regarding topics related to students taking classes at other Teaching Institutions (TI). The TSC is the person at the TI who is contacted for topics related to courses or enrollments at the TI.

Only one email address and one phone number can be provided per contact. For this reason, contacts are usually designated from the list of existing individual users. However, the ESC and TSC roles can also be assigned to a distribution list or group email in order to reach multiple institutional admins: How to Create a Group or Office Account.

To select or edit a school contact, an Admin user would go to the Settings page, select the link for the Contacts page, and then click the pencil icon in the appropriate section. The Admin user would then select the appropriate user from the drop-down menu.

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