During the TI Orientation, the teaching institution (TI) is informed of several responsibilities to successfully onboard an Acadeum student. One of these responsibilities is to notify the Acadeum Support team that students have successfully started class. This notification is to be provided at least 48 hours (when possible) in advance of the drop date. Regular updates to the sheet (once or twice a day) are helpful, especially when the drop period is only a few days.

When a course starts, Acadeum Support will create a shared attendance sheet and email the link to the teaching student contact (TSC) at the TI. There will be an assigned Acadeum Support Specialist who will be copied on the message and listed on the attendance sheet. It will be the responsibility of the Support Specialist to reach out to students who have not been marked as attending class. During this outreach, the enrolling student contact (ESC) at the home institution (HI) will also be notified. This action is done in order to ensure both the student and their home school are aware of the attendance risk. The Support Specialist will occasionally reach out to the TSC and request an update until such time as all student attendance is recorded for all students in Active status on Acadeum Course Share. While it is appropriate for the TI to require the completion of a signature assignment, or any other deliverable the TI may require for attendance to be recorded, the primary concern at the start of class is ensuring students have successfully logged in. Many TIs record a yes for attendance for all students who have successfully logged in, even if a key deliverable has yet to be completed.

It is considered a best practice for teaching institutions to notify Acadeum Support with information regarding student engagement in class after the drop period. Schools with an early alert system or appropriate engagement monitoring process are encouraged to send an email to support@acadeum.com with information pertaining to students who may be at risk academically of not completing a course. Acadeum will then notify the student and the enrolling student contact at the home institution. Acadeum support is tasked with acting in a supportive role for the student progression needs of courses enrolled through Course Share.

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