Consider what sources of data will be most helpful in guiding the institutional strategy. Possible data points can be grouped in these four categories:

1. Student Progress

a. Percentage of athletes in the overall undergraduate student population

b. Number of student-athletes who were ineligible for academic reasons

c. Number of students who walked (near completers) at graduation last year

2. Student Retention

a. Number of students placed on academic probation last year

b. Number of students dismissed for academic reasons last year

c. Current retention/graduation rates

d. Institutional goals for retention/graduation

3. Market Competitiveness

a. Number of students taking courses elsewhere last summer

b. Total number of credits transferred in last year

c. Number of new majors started in the past three years

d. Number of new minors started in the past three years

4. Quality and efficiency a. Number of off-campus courses transferred in by existing students last summer

b. Number of independent studies conducted last academic year

c. Number of under-enrolled courses last year

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