Scheduling Onboarding Calls


Teaching Institution Orientation

Teaching Institution Finance

30 Minute Q&A

Registrar / Academic Operations

• Identify a project leader and a project team

• Identify institutional goals

• Identify who will enter grades in Acadeum Course Share

• Define how attendance will be monitored during the drop period

Create new users

Assign Teaching Administrators who will approve enrollment requests

• Assign the Teaching Student Contact who will be identified as the primary point of contact for students attending the teaching institution

• Define the enrollment request review process

• Define how consortial students will be registered for courses in SIS

• Send the Acadeum Primer for Teaching Institution Faculty when term begins


Attend a TI Orientation

• Determine courses to offer through Acadeum Course Share

• Complete the Course Upload Form

• Determine consortial partners and sign agreements

• Finalize the Welcome Letter

Consider participating as a Home and Teaching Institution

• Determine process/timeline for submitting new course offerings

• Determine process to acquire and provide syllabi


Assign the Primary Finance Contact

• Complete Teaching Institution Stripe set up meeting

• Determine how students will be registered without a balance due

Determine price of courses


Whitelist and email domains

• Determine how Acadeum students will receive login credentials

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