Students taking courses at teaching institutions often come to the classroom with a certain level of uncertainty that derives from an unfamiliar environment. The student may be a first-year freshman or a senior in need of a final course to graduate, and yet may still have uncertainty when taking courses at another institution. Acadeum support helps alleviate any consternation the student may be feeling by personally reaching out to the student on the day class begins to ensure the student has login credentials, understands how to access the course, and is aware of how to proceed. This personal outreach is in addition to the system-generated communications pertaining to the start of class. Acadeum support acts as an extension of the teaching institution's class-start management operation. There also exists useful support articles for students who may have questions:

-I've requested a course, now what?

-Who do I reach out to for help?

-How do I transfer credits?

It is important for faculty teaching students enrolled in courses through Acadeum Course Share to understand that a) the course the student is taking may be the first online course they've ever taken, b) even if the student has online classroom experience they may be used to a different learning management system, c) that students sometimes have problems accessing the course on the first day of class, and d) that the student may not know who to contact for help. As previously mentioned, Acadeum reaches out to each student to offer support. Unfortunately, not all students read every message or fully understand what resources are at their disposal.

When students have questions concerning issues outside of the classroom itself (the classroom is the sole discretion and responsibility of the teaching institution) students should always be directed to A member of the support team will be happy to help get the student to the appropriate contact, either at the home or teaching institution. Faculty should also feel comfortable emailing with concerns over student progress, activity, engagement, or any other area where we can be of assistance. If notified by a faculty member, Acadeum support will reach out to the student and/or the home institution's enrolling student contact to ensure the appropriate assistance is provided.

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