Dear [Student Name],

Your previous semester grades indicate that you have had academic difficulty. Given this, you have been placed on Academic Probation.

Being on academic probation can be challenging. At [University name], we believe that every student has the potential to succeed.

We are committed to helping you return to good academic standing so you can continue making positive progress towards degree completion. To assist you with this, we would like to offer you the opportunity to complete a course via Acadeum.

This online course sharing platform allows you to enroll in and take a course which will count as if you are taking a course with us.

If you would like to take an online course [course required], login into the ACADEUM [hyperlink to unique URL] platform with your student email address and use the magnifying glass icon to find the course. Select the term that the suits your needs and click the blue register now button.

Students placed on Academic Probation can and do succeed. Therefore, your return to good academic standing should be one of your top priorities. Do be aware that continued academic probation could lead to a lack of progress toward degree, or ultimately being dismissed from the university. I know that external factors beyond academics can make this challenging, so if you are struggling with additional stressors please consider utilizing the university resources available to you.


[Name Here]

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