Dear [Student Name]:

We have reviewed your academic record at [School Name] following the [Term] semester. You were on Academic Warning and needed to achieve a semester grade point average of [threshold GPA] to avoid Academic Dismissal. Unfortunately, your semester grade point average of [student GPA] was insufficient to raise your cumulative grade point average to [threshold GPA] or higher. Your current cumulative grade point average is [cumulative student GPA], so you have been Academically Dismissed from [School Name].

However, we will grant you an automatic appeal if you enroll in summer courses through [School Name] You will need to repeat [course 1] and [course 2] and achieve two grades of "A" or "B." [Insert information pertaining to course modality, online or in person, and months offered.] Once your final grades have been submitted, we will re-evaluate your academic status. At this point, you are given a choice to either take summer courses to raise your GPA or you will be academically dismissed.

Please contact your Advisor [contact info] or the Registrar office [contact info] to discuss further.



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