Announcement Templates


From: University President, Provost, or Chief Academic Officer

To: Academic Leadership, Advising, Faculty, Registrar, Campus Technology


Greetings [School Name] Staff,

I want to let you know about an exciting new initiative at [School Name]. We have joined the Acadeum course sharing network. [Insert information pertaining to consortial memberships where applicable.] This new partnership allows us to better serve students by providing seamless access to online courses with no need for students to leave our campus infrastructure. This initiative aligns with our strategic goals to [insert strategic direction, if applicable].

The Acadeum course sharing network facilitates online course sharing among institutions that have similar curricular goals and academic quality standards. Our goal in joining this network is to help students stay on track to completion. Students may use course sharing to repeat a course, catch up due to health withdrawals or leaves of absence, complete necessary prerequisites when they are not offered on campus during the term they are needed, and for many other needs.

Courses taken through the Acadeum course sharing network have several benefits when compared to standard transfer courses:

  • Courses are transcribed as our own, which means students maintain aid eligibility

  • Course grades and credits are easily transferred

  • Courses are billed as our own; no application or billing setup required

Only courses that are pre-approved via the Acadeum Course Sharing platform [insert unique link to ACS course list] are available for student enrollment. Using our internal course review process, we have engaged the appropriate internal teams in efforts to approve and map courses that our students need in the Acadeum network. In instances where a course is available at our campus in the term in which it is needed, students must take that course locally. We will not approve courses that directly compete with courses that [School Name] faculty have elected to teach in a given term.

Your department leaders will schedule time with you to provide more information about this exciting opportunity as well as to describe the course sharing process, define your role in supporting students through Acadeum course sharing, and how you can leverage course sharing to support our students.

If you know of courses that students are looking to take in the upcoming term, are seeking transfer courses off-campus, or have been unable to find a suitable course offering at [School Name], please reach out to your supervisor to discuss further or direct students to the online platform: [insert unique link to ACS course list]

Learn more about Acadeum course sharing here.


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