From: Academic Advisors to encourage students to apply for Summer Pell and enroll

To: Students

[School Name] is committed to student success and your academic advising team wants to work with you to help you succeed. Your academic advisor is prepared to review your academic progress and track to graduation to offer opportunities to further your progress.

Why contact your advisor?

We want to ensure you are able to take the courses that you need in the Summer term to:

  • Stay on track for the Fall term

  • Eliminate the need to stay an extra semester to make up courses to graduate

  • Improve your GPA by retaking courses before Fall

  • Give you a head start on general education and pre-requisite courses

Course Availability:

Through our Acadeum Course Share catalog, we can offer you courses in the Summer term that are not available directly on our campus. Complete courses online from wherever you are; no campus access required. Primarily asynchronous courses means you don’t have to commit to pre-scheduled course times and can complete coursework at times convenient to you.

Access the courses that are available to you this Summer and contact your Academic Advisor to get started!

[link to courses available for school]

[list of courses available here]

Eligibility for Summer Pell

We may be able to assist you with accessing Summer Federal Pell Grant funds via the FAFSA form. Federal Pell Grants are:

  • Awarded to undergraduate students who have exceptional financial need and who have not earned a bachelor’s, graduate, or professional degree; in some cases, students enrolled in a post baccalaureate teacher certification program may receive a Federal Pell Grant

  • Awarded to a student who meets certain requirements might be eligible for a larger Pell Grant if his or her parent died as result of military service in Iraq or Afghanistan or in the line of duty as a public safety officer

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