From: VP of Student Success or Office of the Registrar

To: All Academic Advisors



As you conduct student advising for the upcoming terms, I want to remind you that we have joined the Acadeum course sharing network. [Insert information pertaining to consortial memberships where applicable.]

This partnership allows us to better serve students by providing seamless access to online courses with flexible start dates. Through course sharing, there is no need for students to leave our campus infrastructure.

You can access pre-approved courses at the link below. Although these courses are taught by another institution, they have been vetted and approved by [School Name] administrators thereby allowing for easier transfer of grades and credit hours. These courses will automatically be transcribed as our own course on students’ official transcripts.

As you identify students who may benefit from course sharing, please review the available courses with them and outline the benefits in terms of expanding options to get back on track or prepare for the next term.

We encourage you to review the list of pre approved courses and prepare to advise students of this option where applicable. Please reach out to your department leaders for additional guidance or to address any questions.

Access pre-approved courses here: [insert unique link to ACS course list]

Thank you,


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