From: VP of Student Success or Office of the Registrar

To: Student eligible to walk at commencement who require additional credits for degree completion

This article includes two message options. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Option 1 Message:

Hello [Student Name],

[School Name] is excited to celebrate all the progress you’ve made toward your degree during this May’s graduation ceremony. You’re almost there!

As you think ahead to the last few credits needed to earn your degree, consider these pre-approved online courses offered through our partnership with Acadeum to aid in your strong finish over the summer: [link].

Our partnership with Acadeum offers additional online course options to satisfy your degree requirements.

Please reach out to your Advisor to find out more about the courses you need as well as options to take these courses through the Acadeum course sharing network.

We’re here to help,


Option 2 Message:

Dear [Student Name],

[School Name] is excited to offer you an extended [Term] with more online options that can be used to complete your degree in time for graduation. Based on a review of your transcript, we encourage you to take the following course(s) online to finish your degree:

Courses Needed to Complete

[Consortial Course Link 1]

[Consortial Course Link 2]

[Consortial Course Link 3]

You can register for any of the above courses [insert unique link to ACS course list] via a catalog powered by Acadeum, our partner in coordinating these online course equivalencies from other institutions.

The [Term] starts on [start date] and runs through [end date].

Please contact us if you have any questions about these courses or the registration process.

Thank you,


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