From: VP of Student Success or Office of the Registrar

To: Students


Hello [StudentFirstName],

[School Name] is excited to offer you an extended Summer term with more online options that will count toward your degree and improve your academic standing. Based on a review of your transcript, we encourage you to take the following course to replace the low grade you received in the class and strengthen your GPA:

Low Grade Course

Equivalent Course for Grade Replacement

[Course at School]

[Consortial Course Link]

[Course at School]

[Consortial Course Link]

You can create a student account and register for any of the above courses [School specific Acadeum link here], a course equivalent catalog powered by Acadeum.

The [Term] starts on [enter date] and runs through [enter date] and will cost you [$amount] per course. Please contact us if you have any questions about registering or how the grade earned can improve your GPA at [School Name].

We hope you will participate in this second chance to improve your GPA.

Thank you,


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