Hi [Student name],

Congratulations on your recent enrollment at (insert TI name & course # and title)! As outlined in your enrollment agreement, this consortium course has been approved by your department chair at [School name] and will count toward your graduation requirements. The purpose of the consortium enrollment is to keep you on track at [School Name], but it's on YOU to do the work in the course!

Please be reminded that you will NOT be able to access the consortium course through [local LMS]; instead, you must log in to the consortium school's learning platform. You will receive your log-in credentials about a week before the course starts, so please check your [School Name] email regularly. Remember, this is the ONLY way to stay on top of course announcements and other time-sensitive information. Your consortium course term may be different than [School Name], so please be mindful of your course start and end date.

Once you have access to your consortium course, it is strongly recommended that you read through the course assignments, policies, due dates, etc. in advance of the course starting so that you are acclimated to timelines and requirements. Your consortium course instructor is available to assist you with any questions about your course.

One last reminder...be sure to continue utilizing online tutoring [insert your online tutoring link ] and advising support [insert your student support contact info] at [Consortium Course]! We are here to help you while enrolled in your consortium course.

Please contact [insert main contact name and information] to answer specific questions.

You're one step closer to the end goal! Stay focused!



[Resource originated from Benedict College]

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