From: Provost (or Provost’s Office)

To: Faculty

Subject: Approving summer courses to improve quality and control

Greetings Faculty,

As many of you already know, [SCHOOL NAME] is joining the [CONSORTIUM NAME], powered by Acadeum, to access more high quality courses from aligned institutions. Through the Consortium, [SCHOOL NAME] can oversee the quality of courses taken off campus while giving students access to financial aid and bringing back the course grade. This approach will help us streamline the student experience, keep students on track to graduation, and generate revenue for the institution that is often leaked out to another institution.

As a faculty member, we want your help selecting the most aligned online courses, so that students are prepared for the subsequent courses you teach. Through the Consortium, students may access only pre-approved courses. We will not approve any courses that are available and taught by [SCHOOL NAME] faculty for the session the student is seeking.

We have identified a number of courses that we know students need this [TERM NAME] as well as a selection of possible equivalencies for you to review and approve. Simply highlight the courses you want to approve by department. [Insert school course mapping spreadsheet].

If you have any questions feel free to contact [CONTACT NAME].

Thank you.


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