-Request the Student Upload Template from Support (support@acadeum.com) and fill in your student information.

-Upload the completed document to the Dropbox folder shared with you by Acadeum Support

-The format for columns is specified in the first few rows. If there is something specified in those rows, that's the only format that will be accepted for the bulk upload.

Important Things to Note:

-Student emails cannot be changed once the account has been created. Please make sure this field is correct

-Phone numbers must be in ###-###-#### format. No country code is accepted in the bulk upload

-Gender: Use unspecified for any gender other than Male or Female

-Start Date is the Matriculation Date or the first day the student started school at the home institution

-Zip code must be 5 digits exactly

-International Students must be handled separately. Please contact Support for assistance.

-If multiple responses for race, please include all, comma separated.

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