What is Acadeum?

Acadeum is your resource for online college courses. Use Acadeum Course Share to find and register for courses from accredited colleges and universities to earn credit that’s guaranteed to transfer back to your home institution, the school where you are enrolled. Whether you need to replace a grade, are in need of a more flexible schedule, or want to get ahead or stay on track toward your degree progress, Acadeum Course Share enables you to find the course equivalent you need.

How does it work?

Your school has partnered with Acadeum to offer you online courses from other institutions that help you toward your degree progress. Your school selects and approves the courses it wants to make available to you*, which means any course you complete is guaranteed to transfer both the credit and grade to your school’s transcript, just like a regular course. Unlike community college courses, which traditionally only allow students to transfer 40% of the credits they take to their home institution, courses taken through Acadeum have already been approved by your school, saving you both time and money in finding a course that will help you progress toward your degree.

*Typically your school will enter into a consortial agreement with other institutions that allows for a course taken from one of those institutions to be transcripted on your home institution’s transcript. This means that financial aid, where applicable, can be applied toward the course and that the course will count toward your on-campus GPA — which is not as likely if you were to take a course through a community college or another non-consortial institution. Without a consortial agreement, the course grade and credit are transcribed on the Teaching Institution’s transcript — the school where you are taking the course off-campus — but not at the school where you are enrolled. To receive this credit, you would have to request to have the Teaching Institution transcript sent to your school in order to to receive credit at your home institution.

Information provided may be subject to differences depending on your school's arrangement with Acadeum. Contact your school's registrar for more information.

Who is it for?

Acadeum’s online course offerings provide learning solutions for every type of student, no matter your specific needs or challenges.

Have a busy schedule? Many online courses can be taken asynchronously, meaning that you can complete the lessons and coursework when your schedule allows (provided, of course, that you still meet assignment deadlines). We also offer courses that range from 4 weeks to 8 weeks, so you can find a course that fits your schedule, on your terms.

This is especially helpful if you are a:

  • Student-athlete

  • Student who works full-time or has multiple jobs

  • Student who has a nontraditional schedule

  • Student who has unique family, caretaking, or other obligations

Need to improve your GPA?

Because courses taken through Acadeum show up on your transcript, you can find an equivalent course to the one you want to replace, and upon completion of that course with a higher grade, replace your low grade with a better one.

This is especially helpful if you are a:

  • Student who needs to meet minimum GPA requirements

  • Student who needs to avoid probation

  • Student who wants to regain good academic standing

Need a specific course to stay on track?

Acadeum allows your school to offer courses that aren’t available on campus or are full, so you can complete your prerequisite requirements when you need them, instead of waiting for the course you need to be offered during a later term.

This is especially helpful if you are a:

  • Student who wants to stay on track for an on-time graduation

  • Student who needs to meet degree requirements in a popular major

  • Student who is struggling to find the course you need

  • Student who did not get into a required course after being placed on the waitlist and need to find a replacement course last minute

  • Student who needs to withdraw from a course and wants to immediately enroll in it again to stay on track

Looking to get ahead on your degree progress?

Acadeum allows your school to expand their course offerings, so you can take courses that count toward your degree over the Summer or Winter terms, even if you’re not on campus.

This is especially helpful if you are a:

  • Student who wants to take additional courses over the summer or winter to ease your fall or spring course loads

  • Student who wants to take a course that’s not offered on campus in order to get ahead on your degree progress

Not able to be on campus but still want to stay on track?

Online courses can be taken from anywhere — so even if you’re not on campus over the summer or winter, or if you have to leave for an unplanned event, you can still stay on track toward your degree.

This is especially helpful if you are a:

  • International or non-local student who wants to progress toward your degree even when you’re not on campus

  • Student who has to leave campus for a prolonged period but wants to continue taking courses

Need just a few more credits to earn your degree?

Many schools allow students to walk at graduation if they’re within a few credits of earning their degree. In these cases, students can enroll in an online course through Acadeum to fully satisfy their degree requirements.

This is especially helpful if you are a:

  • Student who has already accepted a fulltime job offer after walking and wants to take an online course that works around your schedule

  • Student who is moving away from campus after walking but still wants to complete your degree

  • Student who has been out of school for an extended period but only needs a few more credits to complete your degree

What is a consortium?

At a high level, a consortium is an agreement between organizations that provides mutually beneficial benefits to each of the parties involved. In relation to Acadeum, a consortium is an agreement between schools that allows grades and credits to be transferred from one school to another. Essentially, the consortial agreement is both schools saying that their academic standards are aligned and that content taught at one school is comparable to that taught at the other.

The consortial agreement is a critical part of Acadeum’s online course offerings, because it guarantees that credit and grades you receive for completed courses will transfer to your home institution, which is not common for courses taken outside of your home institution. In fact, usually only 40% of credits taken at community colleges transfer back to the home institution, resulting in a loss of time and money for the student.

What is a Home Institution?

Your Home Institution is the school where you are enrolled. Your Home Institution records your enrollment, issues credit & grades, provides financial aid services when applicable, collects tuition & fees, and is your institution of record.

What is a Teaching Institution?

A Teaching Institution is the school that you are taking a course from that is not your institution of record. The Teaching Institution is responsible for delivering instruction for the course you are enrolled in, and supplies your Home Institution with your grade upon completion of the course.

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